About eZo Cycle

This might sound common, but after over a decade in an industry that lost its shine to me, I decided to try something new, different. Growing up in a family business has given me the belief that there is a way to do things that people will appreciate. It had to be something I was passionate about and cycling was one of these passions. My parents had instilled in me the passion to work hard, perfect one's skill, scrutinise all possibilities and enjoy your work.

So in early 2014, eZo cycle was born.

We noticed that there is alot of material out there either in online retailers or YouTube that focuses alot on the high end premium bikes. But actually alot of us need something a little more subtle, with a smaller budget but to still be able to ride a type of dream bike.

We are passionate about cycling, however we are not riding around in super bikes either, we all dream to, but reality means spending the budget of a car on a bike is not really that easy to achieve. But what is achievable is a medium budget bike that can perform close to high performance bicycles, particularly if well maintained. At eZo cycle we intend to build bikes for purpose, with our Reimagined bikes we can do just that. Reimagined bikes is our way of do a form of custom build which is based on a stock frame from a brand and built up to be an alternative to how the brand designed it to be, therefore reimagined to be subtly different to that bike seen online or in shops, a way to be different without having to setting a high budget.