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Consists of the follow:

Full bike clean using high quality Muc Off bike wash. Mild degreasing. Scrub and clean.

Full bike check without adjustment, including Bottom brackets, wheel hubs, derailleur settings, etc.

Take off headset and handlebar, check and reinstall using medium Loctite thread lock and grease.

Check wheel alignment and adjust where necessary, also check for free rotation and no play. (if wheel hubs need servicing, then £15 per wheel)

Strip brake calipers, clean and regrease, except for disc calipers.

Replace inner cables for brake or gears with new stainless steel cables.

Hydraulic brake bleed if necessary.

Check chain wear using chain gauge.

Cassette taken off and cleaned and checked.

Reset brakes and gear system.

Take off seat post and saddle, check and reinstall.


If any of these are not in good condition or requires replacing, then the client will be given the choice to do so. Parts are extra of course, due to variety of choice for the client. Wheel hub service is an extra £15 per wheel.

All this can be done for any bike, whether it is a road bike, commuter bike, cyclocross bike, leisure bike, city bike, kids bike, etc. Mountain bikes may need more time depending on the type of MTB it is, but we can discuss that with you when you come in.

Please note, this service is restricted to the Coventry area, UK, as we are a local bike mechanic workshop. Sorry if you are not in the local area. Do get in contact if you want some advice for your bike.

Once you buy this item we will contact you and get your bike booked in at your convenience. Bikes can be collected and delivered if you live within the Coventry area.